Text Box: 1958-1959 Cheerleaders
L to R: Kathy McLaughlin (60), Donna Kohler (59), Joanne Wardman (60), Dawn Chubb (Captain--59), Pat Mason (59, Sharleen Haack (59), Kelly Griffin (60), Judy Bauer (60), Margie Moser (59), Sandy McDonald (59)
Text Box: Northwood’s First Cheerleaders—September 1956
Back row: Dawn Chubb (59), Marilyn Adams (59), Sharleen Haack (59), Jean Fletcher (58), Mary Cipolari (58)
Front row:  Sandy McDonald (59), Donna Posner (58), Elaine Carnvale (Captain--58), Donna Kohler (59), Margie Moser (59)
Text Box: National Honor Society Inductees - Seniors 1959—March 4, 1959
Back row: Bob Farrell, Joan Haack, Betsy Hargreaves, Donna Fuggian, Jane Greenberg, Aiya Svilpis, Kathy Johnson, Jay Feinstein
Front row: Bonnie Sasse, Margie Moser, Sandy McDonald, Donna Kohler, Susan Witmer
Text Box: Picture of Quill and Scroll Inductees:
Back row: Angelo Patterson (60), Eugene Korth (60), John De Gooyer (60), Peter Levin (60, James Hellmuth (59)
Front row: Janet Hall (59), Margie Moser (59), Joannie Dudik (60), Gail Blum (59), Carol Pickell (60)
Text Box: Margie MOSER Stewart & husband Ric

Pictures from Margie MOSER Stewart